It is what it is

Rock N Roll Suicides formed in the summer of '09. They are a garage/punk rock n' roll band based out of La Puente, CA. After more than 10 years of playing in many punk bands, Rudy & Jeanette decided they wanted to start something different from what they had been doing. They decided to start from scratch and build the band from the ground up. Still sticking to their punk rock roots, they preferred not to be categorized to one genre, but are more than happy to have been compared to some of their biggest influences (X, The Stooges, Queens Of The Stone Age and a punk version of The White Stripes), just to name a few...

Started as a two piece band, their live shows were very stripped down and raw. And with a wall of sound coming out from their set up, they had no problem keeping up with 3 to 5 piece bands and had been constantly mistaken for more than two people when playing live. Flash forward to the beginning of 2016 (7 years after they formed) Suicides decided they had accomplished what they could as a two piece and were ready to move forward with a third member. After 2 years as a Suicide Roadie, we knew Robert would be the best fit for the band. Now Suicides are rock'n as a power trio and are coming to a town near you!! So keep checking back for tour dates!..

Since 2010, Suicides have done multiple west coast tours from southern to northern CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA and ID. 2018, Suicides will make their first trip heading east. Suicides have been played and interviewed on Double Down Radio, KTSTFM Radio, Brothers Bear Podcast, "A Beautiful Disaster" and "Look What The Kat Dragged in" both on Kaotic Radio, have been mentioned in Pasadena Weekly, had a feature article on and are on rotation on Earbits Radio "Live In Portland"...




Loaded Bomb Records/Basement Records:

2017: Hyde In A Bottle - Music Video (in support of the E.P.)

2016: Whatcha Do - Music Video (in support of the E.P.)

2016: Leave It All Behind - 7 Song E.P.


Covert Sounds:

2014: Video Interview


Wolf On A Bridge Records:

2013: What A Waste - Music Video (in support of the E.P.)

2013: Limited Hot Pink Vinyl - 3 Song E.P.


Self Released:

2013: The Lesser Of Two Evils - 12 Song L.P. (along with "In The Studio" footage of the recording process and interview).

2010: Self Titled - 11 Song L.P.


(All videos can be seen on the "Videos" page).